Current Practice – Leather

In June 2018 Janine completed a part-time MA in Design with distinction at the University of the West of England. During this course she made the creative leap into working with a very traditional material, leather, in a fresh, contemporary and unique way.

Drawing on past experiences with printmaking, bookbinding and embroidery Janine has explored mark making through the carving and painting of leathers to create distinctive and appealing surfaces.

The simplicity of the process is important to Janine and she is working in as handmade a way as possible.

“just me, a piece of leather, some lino tools and acrylic paint”.

Janine has spent the past year creating a distinctive visual language in her new chosen medium – experimenting with marks, composition and colour, playing with form and layering.

Janine loves the freedom of working instinctively, each mark responding to the presence of what has come before. With her increased emphasis on mark making it is the unexpected and the unplanned that speaks to Janine most.

That her single pieces often become abstracted landscapes, speaks as much to the pattern of the marks as to her mind. The time taken between thinking a mark and making a mark leaves little margin for error, and this is the thrill. However, her inner need for harmony means there is a deeply ingrained subconscious check that ensures a balanced final composition.

Janine is enjoying this freedom of making with no agenda, not trying to create collections for the marketplace. All her pieces are unique, one off creations. She says:

“I want to be able to maintain a level of autonomy over this new work I am creating so that I can continue to enjoy this creative process, moving forward exploring new marks and forms”.